Cookie Dough pouches

Finally! A non-gmo, gourmet cookie dough that's delicious and more convenient.  Try  our doozie dough today! 

Non-GMO!  No Artifical Flavors or Preservatives!  Only Cane Sugar!  Unbleached flour!

No Aluminum Baking Powder!  Simply......Doozie-licious!


CHIPPER – Chocolate Chip

Is chocolate chip your favorite type of cookie? Then meet CHIPPER. CHIPPER is the softest and richest chocolate chip cookie you will ever eat. This makes CHIPPER the most popular of all the Doozies.

MILKIE – Miliest Chocolate Chip

Milkie is the twin brother of Chipper.  The only differences between them is that Milkie is made with milk chocolate chips.  This makes Milkie more indulgent than Chipper......but, we won't tell Chipper that;)


SNICKSugar Cinnamon Snickerdoodle

You won't forget the warm and fuzzy feeling you get the first time you see SNICK. He is covered in sugar cinnamon and puts on a splash of butter and vanilla. No Doozie is as cozy as SNICK.


Chocolate lovers are in love with CANDIE. CANDIE is made with fruit and vegetable colored, candy coated chocolate which makes her as cheerful as a rainbow; plus, she has plenty of semi-sweet chocolate chips. CANDIE can definitely satisfy your chocolate craving.

CANDIE – Double Chocolate Candie Melts